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Returnism: Greek Parthenon Marbles and Banksy Graffiti? (Part 3)

Are the Brits confused? What a curious gathering of passionate art collectors in Britain today. Imagine the dignified antiquity collectors in the same room as those just as passionate to own – graffiti. Continue reading

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Returnism: Lord Elgin and Edward Dodwell Meet Again 200 Years Later (Part 2)

Edward Dodwell and Lord Elgin meet again, two hundreds years later. A rarely seen collection of illustrations by Edward Dodwell, a painter and reporter of ancient Greece is currently on display at the British Museum. In his writings, Dodwell tells of “being present when the Parthenon was despoiled of its finest sculpture”. Now, his illustrations are being presented at the British Museum, while the “finest sculpture” is on permanent display – the Parthenon Marbles. Continue reading