Magic of Art with Paige Dansinger
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Magic of Art with Paige Dansinger

A simple Twitter message arrived from Elizabeth Rynecki on a Tuesday evening at 6:26 p.m., far too busy to really explore, and, I clicked anyway.

It read:

“Love the ideas behind @museumpaige work. @keridouglas I think you’d like this!…

My curiosity was ignited. I opened the link for the gallery show announcement, Harmony in Red_Paige Dansinger at SooLOCAL, August 16 – September 15, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paige Dansinger, is an artist, art historian, museum and tech genius who co-developed the app.

A bold, red, curvacious odalisque reclining with an energy and power of sensuality with a sense of daring.
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Athena Rises: Social Media & the Campaign to Reunify the Parthenon Sculptures
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Athena Rises: Social Media & the Campaign to Reunify the Parthenon Sculptures

The Acropolis invokes the power of Athena, the goddess of war, wisdom, law and justice, science and art. A monument that universally represents cultural heritage and democracy. At it’s most vulnerable moment and on a scale never before seen, the temples of the Acropolis experienced shocking destruction and brazen theft, casting a shadow that waits to be lifted when justice is delivered.

Yet, perhaps, with patience, calculations and tactics that would even make Sun Tzu blush and bow in honor, the warrior spirit of Athena rises again. This time, Athena wields a just swift sword in the form of social media. Continue reading

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Returnism: Lord Elgin and Edward Dodwell Meet Again 200 Years Later (Part 2)

Edward Dodwell and Lord Elgin meet again, two hundreds years later. A rarely seen collection of illustrations by Edward Dodwell, a painter and reporter of ancient Greece is currently on display at the British Museum. In his writings, Dodwell tells of “being present when the Parthenon was despoiled of its finest sculpture”. Now, his illustrations are being presented at the British Museum, while the “finest sculpture” is on permanent display – the Parthenon Marbles. Continue reading