Blanca Santander: Artist Triumphs Over Shining Path
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Blanca Santander: Artist Triumphs Over Shining Path

With a gun held at her stomach and threatened with immediate death, Santander calmly was able to convince them she was an artist. An artist with a passion to paint the wildlife for children. As darkness squeezed out the remaining light, Santander says “miraculously’ she and her friend were released. Minus their motorcycle they began the silent, slow walk home through the jungle. Their walk became a journey through the blackness and certain death to life, freedom. Continue reading

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Preserve History or Invent the Future?

The ever present cultural divide in any society of the elders preserving history and the young inventing the future is found  everywhere around the world. In Tibet, the elders want to preserve the ancient culture, monasteries and religious traditions while the young are eager to go to the modern (Chinese) clubs, restaurants and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Culture Warriors in DC

The largest collection of of Indigenous art ever to leave Australia. 10 September to 6 December, 2009 American University Museum – Katzen Arts Center Washington, DC Contemporary. Bold. Innovative. Thirty Australian indigenous artists from every territory and state reveal their current passions, torments or appreciation for their surroundings.  Inspiration from the water, the land, … Continue reading